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I am an artist and through my work, I am also a storyteller. My art is always one step ahead of its meaning. The real sense of its purpose is fully realized most  often after completion. It is complex, yet at the same time has an effortless appeal because it resonates with a broad range of viewers instantly. Each work is like a page from a book written in a universal, visual language that everyone can understand.  

I search for self-expression and communication in all art forms, and the same goes for my work. I create spontaneously out of the present state of my subconscious, and I end up learning a lot about myself as I paint. I do not plan, sketch, or prepare ahead of time. I don't want to convey what I'm thinking; instead, I want to create the underlying emotion from my soul through subject, character, and form. 

It is not my unique, free-form style that catches the viewer's eye, but it's the feeling illustrated that captures the viewer's heart. This "experiment" determines if the art's energy connects and communicates with that person’s energy.   

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