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The very singular life of Chris Tschupp can be measured not in any singular thing that often defines a life, but in the fact that so many things defined him. Far beyond the handsome rugged exterior, was a multi-faceted man of many talents, and the careers he discovered as a natural consequence of those talents, along with the people from so many walks of life that were part of his journey. For Chris, it was as simple as seizing an opportunity that he immersed himself in and the circle of people that were part of it. Characteristic of his life and personality, there was no demure death for Chris, his adversary was ALS and he gave it a stubborn and heroic battle. 

His first love, hockey, remained just that, from his days as a draft pick in the NHL, to a hockey scholarship at University of Notre Dame, the thrill of being on the ice was second to none. And the friends he gathered from youth hockey, prep school and the pros remained friends for life as well. His segue into the modeling world was equally as impressive as being drafted into the pros at 18 – he was discovered by Calvin Klein himself. Acting opportunities arose almost serendipitously, so why not seize the opportunity to break out in nothing less than “Sex and the City” and break Carrie Bradshaw’s heart. True to his work ethic and aspirations to rise to the top in all his endeavors, when audition scripts were sub-par, it seemed the natural move to write them himself. One publication that chronicled his many endeavors labeled Chris a renaissance man, a description that feels entirely appropriate in considering his creativity, talent and values.

In his final months, in spite of the advanced stage of his disease, Chris made his last pivot with painting and printmaking to leave a legacy of artworks that chronicle his journey with ALS and his perspective of his world through its lens. 

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