Bob Gruen met John Lennon in 1971, shortly after he moved to New York. For the next nine years, Bob worked as John’s personal photographer and captured a wide variety of diverse moments in John’s career, in his family life and during his days of political activism. Bob and John became friends almost immediately and the strength of that friendship is visible in every photograph that Bob took. It is evident both in location and in the story that is being told. Frequently it is evident in John’s expression.


Bob has said that he doesn’t direct his photoshoots. He prefers that the individual in front of the camera choose the pose (or poses) with which they are most comfortable. The result is a photograph that is true to the individual, rather than one which has been designed or unduly influenced by the photographer. Bob did, however, give John the New York t-shirt that John wears in the rooftop series. Bob is also the one who cut the sleeves off of it. It was also Bob who suggested the shoot in front of the Statue of Liberty, as a way to help John mount a compelling case against the deportation efforts of the Nixon administration.


Bob also knew, instinctively, when to put the camera down. He has said, “I like to think that by putting my camera down sometimes, it helped the real John show through when the camera was clicking.” This sensibility emanates from the photos taken at rehearsals held at The Filmore just as it does from John’s fantastic smile.


We’re just about to jump into production on a new project with Bob. Stay tuned and check back for details!

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In 1984, Eric Orr and Keith Haring joined forces to create a series of chalk drawings in the NYC subways. As their work evolved, the artists shifted their focus from the subway to the studio and embarked on the production of a suite of drawings. Included in the group was Repeat which had made its first appearance in the 23rd Street IRT uptown station. Little did Orr and Haring know that the reimagined drawing would be auctioned at Christie’s six years later. 2020 heralds a new beginning for Repeat, a truly unique silkscreen print that both illustrates and celebrates a fierce friendship that began in the early 1980s at The Roxy roller rink in NYC, when two young artists decided to trade

t-shirts on the dance floor. 

2020 heralds a new beginning for “Repeat"

Courtesy of Eric Orr and the Keith Haring Foundation

A two color silkscreen print published

and printed by Gary Lichtenstein Editions

Repeat, Eric Orr and Keith Haring, 2020

Silkscreen on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper with

hand-deckled edges

Dimensions: 20 x 28 inches

Edition Size: 250 with 25 Artist Proofs and 25 Printer Proofs

Signed and numbered in pencil by Eric Orr

Plate signed by Eric Orr and Keith Haring

Courtesy of Eric Orr and the Keith Haring Foundation

Printed and Published by Gary Lichtenstein Editions


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