"All War Is In Bad Taste," Al Diaz, 2022


Silkscreen on 290 gram Stonehenge paper

Dimensions: 14” x 20”

An edition of 50

Price: $450


"UNITED 4 UKRAINE," Al Diaz, 2022


Silkscreen on 240 gram Stardream paper

Dimensions: 14” x 20”

An edition of 150

Price: $100

100% of the proceeds will be donated to CARE to aid in its humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and at its borders



"Falling For You," Eric Orr, 2022


"Falling for You," Eric Orr, 2022

Silkscreen on 290 gram Coventry Rag paper

Dimensions: 13 3/4" x 17 1/4"

Signed and numbered by the Artist in pencil

An edition of 125


Eric's Max the Robot character has evolved in form over the years and in 1984, Maxine was introduced. Right around the same time, Eric and Keith Haring embarked on a series of collaborative chalk drawings in various New York City subway stations. Their creative sessions always ended in Keith's studio and that's where this image was first conceived as a drawing.

Eric Orr Valentine's_Instagram size copy.jpg

"Pleased to Meet You Again," CRASH, Eric Orr, 2021


Silkscreen in 9 colors on 320 gram Coventry Rag

Dimensions: 29" x 29"

Signed by the Artists in pencil

An edition of 75


We are delighted to announce the release of “Pleased to Meet You Again,” the newest collaboration by John “CRASH” Matos and Eric Orr!

John “CRASH” Matos and Eric Orr met for the first time as high school students. Although the exact location is unclear, both agree that it would have been at either Fashion Moda or the Writers’ Bench at 149th Street and Grand Concourse. 


Founded by Stefan Eins in 1978, Fashion Moda began as a “cultural concept” whose principles revolved around the fact that art can be made by anyone, anywhere and art should be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Located in the South Bronx, Fashion Moda embraced new talent and encouraged creative production across all mediums. The gallery has been credited as a major force behind the recognition of graffiti writing as an art form and it played a pivotal role in a community where Hip Hop was rapidly emerging. CRASH was only 19 years old when he curated “Graffiti Art Success for America” at Fashion Moda and his varied experiences at the gallery would later inspire his founding of WALLWORKS. 


The 149th Street Writers’ Bench, located at the back of the uptown platform in the 2/5 subway station on Grand Concourse, was a meeting place for graffiti writers in the 70s and 80s. Artists congregated at this particular bench, arguably the most popular in NYC, to discover and appraise each other’s work, both on the trains that sped through the station and in the black books they all carried. A visit to the Writers’ Bench became a daily routine for many, including CRASH and Eric and today it is a reminder of a vibrant and dynamic shift in NYC’s arts landscape and a place where lifelong friendships were made. 


CRASH and Eric headed in different directions after high school but when they were reacquainted in the early 2000s, CRASH offered Eric his first solo show in NYC. The rest is history that commemorates the release of this special print edition -- 35 years in the making.

CRASH x Eric Orr - Pleased to Meet You Again.jpg

"PAN AM," Cey Adams 2021


Silkscreen and mixed media on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper Dimensions: 30" x 30"

Signed, Titled and Numbered by the Artist in pencil

An edition of 40

Unframed price: $2,600

We are delighted to announce the release of PAN AM, a limited edition of silkscreen prints by Cey Adams!

PAN AM has a storied history in Cey’s studio, first created as a painting within his Trusted Brands collection and then reimagined as a suite of hand-collaged monoprints in different color variations at Gary Lichtenstein Editions. Due to the overwhelming popularity and success of the image, Cey and Gary decided it was time for a new suite of works and both agreed that the timing was perfect.

“Creating the PAN AM silkscreen print with Gary was always my dream project. Our comfortable back and forth rhythm in the studio feels very natural. I’m overjoyed by what we accomplished working together!”

-Cey Adams

“Collaboration went to a whole new level working with Cey on the PAN AM silkscreen edition. The richness of design and imagery together with our ongoing dialogue throughout the process served as the foundation of what would emerge as a vibrant, nostalgic and hopeful print infused with layers and layers of color.”

-Gary Lichtenstein

Pan Am Print.jpg

“John Lennon, Statue of Liberty, New York City,” Bob Gruen 2021


Silkscreen and mixed media on 290 gram Coventry Rag paper Dimensions: 17” x 23”

Signed, Titled and Numbered by the Artist in pencil

An edition of 200

Unframed price: $450

Bob Gruen met John Lennon in 1971, shortly after he moved to New York. For the next 9 years, Bob worked as John’s personal photographer and captured a wide variety of moments in John’s career and his family life. Bob and John became friends and the strength of that friendship is visible in every photograph that Bob took.


Bob has said that he doesn’t direct his photoshoots. He prefers that the individual in front of the camera choose the pose (or poses) with which they are more comfortable. The result is a photograph that is true to the individual. It was a Bob who suggested the shoot in front of the Statue of Liberty, as a way to help John’s case against the deportation efforts of the Nixon administration.


“… it dawned on me that taking a picture of John at the Statue of Liberty would help dramatize his case. After all, America stood as the world’s most welcoming nation, and yet we were throwing out one of the world’s greatest artists. John loved the idea.”


- Bob Gruen

j lennon print.jpg