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Born in Belgium in 1976, Jonas LeRiche spent years working as a fashion photographer before making the decision to focus exclusively on his fine art career. In his practice, LeRiche consciously seeks out the juxtaposition between what is artificial and what is authentic, rendering artworks that encourage the viewer to identify this duality. His photographs are explosively emotional and striking in composition. A single photoshoot typically requires a week of 18 hour days, due to the elaborate design and LeRiche’s meticulous attention to detail. His sculptures are entirely evocative of his photography, brilliantly crafted to juxtapose the transience of life with a material symbol of beauty.


In the Fall of 2020, LeRiche’s Vanity Skull sculpture series prompted him to reach out to Gary Lichtenstein. Intrigued by the world of printmaking, LeRiche sought a medium that would maintain his pristine aesthetic while simultaneously infusing the imagery with rich, saturated color, texture and shadow. The “Vanity Skull” silkscreen print editions were created in four different color variations, infused with metallic sheen and iridescence. Finished with a hand application of diamond dust, the prints are radiantly beautiful both in form and, in keeping with LeRiche’s practice, in statement.

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