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May 25th, 10am-3pm

Presented by Gary Lichtenstein Editions and The Artist Book Foundation

Building 13 on the MASS MoCA Campus, North Adams, MA 01247

1st Floor: Gary Lichtenstein Editions (silkscreen)

2nd Floor: The Artist Book Foundation (letterpress)

  • Learn about the art of silkscreen and letterpress printing

  • Gain insights into the process of fine art book publishing 

  • Make your own art prints, bookmarks, stationery, etc. (workshops are taking place in both locations)

Join Gary Lichtenstein Editions and The Artist Book Foundation in Building 13 on May 25th, between 10am and 3pm, for an afternoon of hands-on printing demos and insights into the art of publishing. 


The history of letterpress began in the 15th century when German inventor Johannes Gutenberg created the first mechanical movable type which included capital letters, lower case letters, and punctuation marks. He also designed a longer lasting oil-based ink made from turpentine, lampblack, and walnut oil. Both creations are considered the impetus for the Printing Revolution as they enabled the mass production of printed materials, notably books. Join us at The Artist Book Foundation and immerse yourself in the intricate and delicate art of letterpress printing. Visitors will also gain insights into the meticulous process of twenty-first century fine art book publishing, from conception to creation. Explore the historical significance and contemporary applications of this timeless printing technique while also understanding the fine-art publishing process and its importance to our culture and society. 


Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, originated in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and made its way to Europe in the 17th Century. Initially used to print colors and patterns on fabric and wallpaper, it was later adopted by sign painters and for advertising campaigns. Roy Beck, Charles Peter, and Edward Owens are credited with revolutionizing the commercial screen printing industry through the introduction of the use of photo-imaged stencils. By the 1960s, pop artists such as Peter Blake, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol used silkscreen to produce their own prints, catapulting the medium into the forefront of contemporary art. Join Gary Lichtenstein Editions for an immersive experience in silkscreen printing. Participate in hands-on workshops and witness the magic of transforming ideas into vivid prints. Explore the versatility and vibrancy of this technique as you create your own unique artworks, under the guidance of skilled artists. 

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