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Conceived by Kristy Edmunds and co-curated with Pomegranate Arts
Published by UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance
Printed by Gary Lichtenstein Editions

Many composers, like writers and visual artists, “think” on paper capturing inspiration in unexpected places and whenever a muse may strike. New masterpieces have often found humble beginnings on scratch pads, sticky notes, the backs of envelopes and most notably on paper napkins.


CAP UCLA was curious to know what was on the minds of composers living in America at this moment in our history and invited 100 of them to share their visual thinking with us for a project we are calling Notes on Napkins: 2020. Each composer received a toolkit of napkins and pens and a micro-commission to begin transcribing the rhythms of this extraordinary time. Below are each of the notes in our digital gallery.

Overhead view of multiple stacks of prints of black drawings on small white sheets of paper.
A white man in a blue shirt loads a large piece of paper onto a silkscreen printing press.
Black drawings on many small sheets of white paper.
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