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Charles Hinman at Gary Lichtenstein Editions

January 12, 2014 – February 28, 2014

Gary Lichtenstein Editions at Mana presents a new silkscreen collaboration with Charles Hinman, which features recently created, three-dimensional paintings by Hinman.

Hinman is known for his exploration of the three-dimensional canvas, specifically the ways in which he creates a visual dialogue between the illusory space of the painting and the actual space on which the sculptured object rests. Hinman embraces contrast on multiple levels, through his use of color, texture, light and shadow. He is no stranger to the world of silkscreen printing and this newest collaboration will introduce the first of the three-dimensional print editions.

Lichtenstein is known for his spectacular use of color within prints that simultaneously exhibit mastery of the properties of light absorption and reflection. Lichtenstein has collaborated with over ninety artists during the course of his thirty-five year career but considers the Hinman edition both unique and historic – in form, size and scale.


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