Janette Beckman: New Silkscreens

On view through May 31, 2017

Janette Beckman is a pioneer in the world of visionary collaboration as is evident in her vast photographic portfolio of creative artists, most of whom are now legends in their respective industries. When Beckman chose silkscreen, another collaborative process, to produce her newest body of work, Gary Lichtenstein embraced the opportunity to provide an environment that would encourage her exploration.  

Janette Beckman: New Silkscreens offers a historic view of groundbreaking moments in time for a number of musicians and bands including, RUN DMC, LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa. Beckman’s suite of prints is reminiscent of her classic photographs but entirely unique by virtue of the choices she has made in terms of color, saturation and texture. Each piece tells a story and Beckman’s interpretations are, in fact, found on each, in her own, unmistakable handwriting.

Beckman is “mashing it up,” as she likes to say – utilizing silkscreen to transform visual language and present it in a brand new way. The end result is an exhibition that is as storied as its creator.