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From The Archive

We are delighted to present "From the Archive," a program that explores the rich history of printmaking at Gary Lichtenstein Editions. Some projects may be familiar and some may be a surprise. Either way, we hope you enjoy the stories behind them!

Jessica Stockholder

About the artist

Jessica Stockholder was born in Seattle in 1959. She lives and works in Chicago. Stockholder is a pioneer of multimedia genre-bending installations that have become a prominent language in contemporary art. Her site-specific interventions and autonomous floor and wall pieces have been described as “paintings in space.”


Stockholder’s complex installations incorporate the architecture in which they have been conceived, blanketing the floor, scaling walls and ceiling, and even spilling out of windows, through doors, and into the surrounding landscape. Her work is energetic, cacophonous, and idiosyncratic, but close observation reveals formal decisions about color and composition, and a tempering of chaos with control. 

Hollow Places Court in Ash-Tree Wood

In 2009 an ailing, 125-year-old American ash tree was cut down in The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Sculpture Garden. It was agreed that the wood should be offered to an artist, and sculptor Jessica Stockholder was invited to utilize it in an exhibition (perhaps surprisingly, as she is well known for ephemeral abstraction, primarily made from synthetic, man-made materials and objects). Stockholder's exhibition was the result of her unique collaboration with fine art screenprinter Gary Lichtenstein and woodworker Clifford Moran. In her work, while she mused over the relationship between trees and architecture, Stockholder simultaneously explored how picture-making intersects three dimensions.


While working on the Aldrich Museum show, Gary Lichtenstein and Jessica Stockholder also decided to create a series of 83 silkscreened unique works.

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