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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 7

May 28, 2020 The SOLD Crew

WEEK 7 - How are YOU doing? We have spent the last 7 weeks showing you how the artists who adorn our city streets are coping, but we want to hear from you also. If you're reading this, you love this culture; this living, breathing art form as much as we do, and that connects us. The streets are the place we call home, and we can't wait to get back to meeting you out there - until then, drop us a line and let us know how you are doing during this difficult time.  Until then, enjoy each inspiring conversation from this week: Sucklord, Damien Mitchell, Miss Zukie, Chris Cycle, Gary Lichtenstein, and Nite Owl. If you have the means, visit the artist's websites, and support them by buying artwork or commissioning a piece. Check out the entire 'Stay at Home' series here on our site, Youtube page, all major podcast platforms; AND for early access to our content, to attend live interviews, sticker packs and more to come - subscribe to our Patreon page today!

Big Ronnie and Gary talk about new opportunities with Urban Pathways, learning from each artist he collaborates with, Mana Contemporary as a home away from home, threads of inspirations to hold onto, and one of our favorite humans; Dave Navarro. Recorded on 5.27.20

Big Ronnie and The Super Sucklord talk about, cynical cash grabs, riffing on themes, and diving into the adult entertainment industry until retirement calls. Recorded on 5.23.20

Big Ronnie and Damien talk about his cousin's wedding that landed him in Australia before the lockdown, house music from Prague, appreciating a good fax, painting a mural of his pop, and looking forward to flying back ASAP. Recorded on 5.24.20

Big Ronnie and Zukie talk about being an essential worker today, verified celebrities, cross contamination warnings, and what is coming up next in the world of Zukie. Recorded on 5.26.20

Big Ronnie and Chris talk about food shopping in Hell's Kitchen during the lockdown, BMX magazines, distortion art, and never using sourced material in his canvas work. Recorded on 5.26.20

Big Ronnie and Nite Owl talk about missing family back in Staten Island, why being from NYC prepares you for life, underground art initiatives, and how he was given his nocturnal name. Recorded on 5.27.20


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